Woof oat extract to condition and cleanse without chemicals. Made with a 100% vegetable base and a
fresh. Three scents: Coconut Lime, Green Teas or Rosemary Lavender.

Paw Balm Protecter                                                                       $16.99

LAVANDER ROSEMARY SHAMPOO              315ml                 $16.99
                                315ml                 $16.99
LAVENDER SHAMPOO                                     315ml                 $16.99             
COCO-LIME CONDITIONER                            315ml                $16.99                
GREEN TEA SPRAY                                           250ml                $16.99
FRUITY LAVENDER SPRAY                            250ml                $16.99

OATMEAL SHAMPOO P.B.                                     355ml                $15.00

WAHL LANOLIN SHAMPOO                                   375ml                $17.00
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