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Welcome Angels Chantal and Bianca! Looking forward to share the love for animals with you! Happy to have you
join our team of angels to help more people and their 'fur babies'

Just a reminder not to give out your number, email to any clients, - this will really avoid confusion
* parent asks you for your number and or email address : " Of course!" give them 514.817.3228 and

dont forget to keep the notes and relay information back to your supervisor.
also don't forget that we all work as a team and share each others visits - its best not to mention,  where you are located because they will
then presume its always at the same place. If we have to make a key exchange a little further but convenient for you angel then it makes it
a little difficult to convince them otherwise.

Call me when you have questions about invoicing or rates per visit, if any issues arise its important to contact myself or your supervisor
Maggie. One of us always has our phone on. Maggie usually takes week-ends off. Please contact her if you have any questions about
scheduling or pet profiles during the week. Call me if you need something done right away. i am usually driving. Its important to always
keep your profiles up to date. Any information missing? Send an email so the next angel has the information. This week- 30 min was spent
finding out an appartment number which has been our client for over 2 years. What goes around comes around, you have busy schedules
and I want to make sure your doing your visits efficiently and safely.

We are working really hard for the professional videos, please share them to your personal face book page. Those of you who have - its
great. You should be proud working in a reputable pet care company !! Share anything you think people would like. With all you angels -
lets work as a team and spread the love around. Pet stores, veterinarians - Dont forget to inform on events in your area. If you want work -
I'm here to help! It's a win win.

We started getting some calls in from your PR!! passing out cards and speaking to people. Really proud that some of you shy'r' angels are
helping your co-angels get contracts. What goes around comes around, so even if your not in your area, you are always helping another
Some notes : remember we are a team, trained and have the same goals and vision which is keeping pets safe, happy and loved.
Keep in mind to sign off your notes as Les Anges Gardiennes. Its makes the parents feel good knowing that pet profiles are updated
periodically and the same quality and attention are given to their pets as any other angels. Working as a team makes us that much better!

* Important to keep key list updated and everyone is responsible for their own keys.

Facebook updates are amazing! keep up the good work and creative minds flowing. Any ideas you want to run by me to improve our
service - would love to hear about it!

When you get your wings, remember that everyone has been trained to ensure the best service possible. We want parents to know if its
you or another angel it is always the same. This foundation begins at the meet and greet.
So remember to use we not I, remember to
use Les Anges Gardiennes - Guardian Angels -
- not just your name, it will make it so much easier for everyone when you want to take
a day off. And it will give even more confidence for their security knowing we are all trained the same, equal passion and love for animals.  

Reminders :

1) 1st cat visit updates (facebook)
2) Face book pictures - various images fun and different
3) Assessing pets with any behavioral changes
4) Keeping pets safe, happy and loved
5) Keeping home environment clean
6) Keeping us informed on key drop off/ pick up
7) Contacting us in emergency's or problems
8) Great communication between your Angel colleagues
9) Detailed positive notes for clients
10) Spreading the word out for our services - passing cards, posting it up
11) (specifically for cat sitting) Last visit - wash litter scooper and write cat note

I ask you to take the time to send emails with any comments or
suggestions to help facilitate your work as well as any suggestions, ideas you
have to improve our pet care services and customer service pet parents.
You're out in the field you know what we need. Your opinion and ideas are
very valuable to the company . Our company has
to change so that we can adapt and grow the number of pets under our wings,
at the same time maintaining our amazing and positive reputation and most
importantly to allow each of you to continue to share your passion with our
animals, keeping it fun, easy and looking towards the future for a full time
job making a career working with LES ANGES GARDIENNES!

-*Who can not see our ONLINE MANUAL?? Please text or email the office

NEW INSTRUCTIONS 1) ** We've been getting a lot of feedback from pet parents for a lack of communication and updates while they are
on vacation. To rectify this situation i will need your help. At your
every  first visit we will need you to send us an email with an
elaborate paragraph to let parents know they're babies are doing well. We will copy and paste your email so please double check spelling
and as usual write as though you are the 'pet babies. Hi mom today was the first day my Angel came to visit....
-Summarise - to ensure quality service to our pet parents - on their first visit : have your pets send an email to their parents at just an update on how well they are doing and how nice it was to meet you.

Every subject on your email will read : First visit update : name of pets
Continous updates every couple of days on facebook will continue as usual.
Facebook updates
- Always post as Les Anges Gardiennes
- ** Language #1 French #2 English

2) Daily dog walking - Notes every walk - no pen? Then text -call- email the office if the pup pooped. Parents want to know
-cat visit notes (last visit) Don't forget to wash the scooper at the last visit

a) if your using the note book - write start /end time (only for dog walks)

b) - Cleanliness – Orderly ex. Vacuum / sweep rolling fur balls in  hallways - every visit - parents come home earlier then expected - friends
come over to visit the cats.. always leave a great impression and leave your cards on the kitchen table or on the fridge mostly for cat visits.
/corners, wash water / food bowls even for dog walks
- Removing fur from couch
- Spay 4 push for perfume – last visit

c) detailed and interesting stories for your notes and facebook updates - let your imagination run wild
ie: Hi
dad + mom you'll never believe what happened to us today.. Walking with my Angel and it was so cold - they put me in their jacket
and kept me warm. Then we came home to play and i had so much fun. She even took me outside one more time just in case I had to go

d) If pup is not at home please leave a note for their parents - "sorry we missed you 'name of pet"

Let's do this!!

remove your shoes before entering a home
** remember to ID your keys received
** remember to write on all payment envelopes : pets name and date
** if you are late - NOTIFY


** Manual will be updated  Please take note- Do not ignore cats on your first visit if they are hiding - Sometimes cats want affection but your unfamiliar smell and
voice make them anxious, so they hide, often under a bed. Look for them, and when you find them, talk softly to them and watch their response. If they growl, hiss
or lay their ears back, leave them be. If, however, they meow, or stare silently with big eyes, they are often just scared. Carefully stretch out a hand for them to
sniff. Offer treats. If you can reach them, rub between their ears. Often, they are so relieved you are a 'friendly' they slink out purring and into your hearts! It may
take a few visits, but the rewards are worth it.
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Carly ( west Island + hotel for dogs)
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Trish ( Lasalle)
Daniela W ( Lachine, Verdun, Nuns island
Lee ( Hudson, Saint Lazard)
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Vanessa Lee (admin angel)
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